7SEVEN® Compatible Magic Smart Lg Tv Remote Control Original Suitable for all Model MR600 MR650 MR18BA MR19BA MR20GA MR21GA MR22GA MR400 MR500 MR700 with All Feature Except No Mic and Pointer or Mouse

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Product Description

lg tv remotelg tv remote

LG Smart TV Remote

lg magic remote originallg magic remote original

LG TV Remote Control

Discover a spectrum of LG-compatible TV remote controllers designed to elevate your control experience. From the intuitive functionality of MR20GA and MR21GA Magic Remotes to the standard yet reliable navigation of RM-L1162, RM-L930+3, and RM-L930+, each remote offers distinct features tailored for LG TVs. Embrace the advanced capabilities of AN-MR18BA Magic Remote, designed for specific LG models, or explore the offerings of L1818, ensuring seamless compatibility with a range of LG TVs. With these diverse options, find the perfect remote controller to optimize your interaction and unleash the full potential of your LG TV viewing experience.

LG Magic Remote

lg tv remote originallg tv remote original

LG TV Remote

Experience the epitome of convenience with compatible LG remote controllers, granting you access to apps and voice control at the press of a button. Seamlessly navigate through a world of applications and engage the power of voice commands efficiently with a single click. Whether it’s toggling between streaming services, adjusting settings, or activating voice assistant features, these intuitive remotes unify your control interface. Streamline your interaction with your LG TV, bridging the gap between app management and voice-activated functionalities. Simplify your entertainment experience and elevate your control with the harmony of apps and voice control, all within the simplicity of a singular click on your LG remote controller.

LG Remote For Smart TV

lg tv remote controllg tv remote control

lg smart tv remote control originallg smart tv remote control original

lg tv remote coverlg tv remote cover

Compatible LG TV Remote Controller

The range of available remote controllers is exclusively tailored to seamlessly sync with LG TV systems. Each remote, including MR20GA, MR21GA, RM-L1162, RM-L930+3, RM-L930+, AN-MR18BA, and L1818, is meticulously crafted for precise compatibility with LG TVs. Offering intuitive functionalities and specific features, these controllers are engineered to optimize your LG TV experience. Their design and programming cater solely to LG TV models, ensuring a seamless and responsive interaction. Elevate your control experience and unlock the full potential of your LG TV, knowing that these remotes are purpose-built to harmonize efficiently with your LG entertainment system.

LG TV Remote MR20GA | MR21GA

The MR20GA and MR21GA remote controllers stand out as the exclusive models requiring a pairing process for optimal functionality. These advanced LG Magic Remotes offer an array of smart features and intuitive controls, designed specifically for select LG TV models. To maximize their capabilities, a simple and quick pairing procedure ensures seamless synchronization with your LG TV. By following the prescribed pairing instructions, you’ll efficiently unlock the full potential of these remotes, enabling precise control and seamless interaction with your LG TV. Enjoy the convenience and innovation of these paired LG Magic Remotes, enhancing your entertainment experience with unparalleled ease and responsiveness.

LG 4K TV Remote Control

To ensure a seamless transition and compatibility, it’s essential to order our remote controllers only if the keys match precisely with your existing remote controller. We prioritize your convenience and aim to provide a perfect replacement or supplementary controller that mirrors the functions and layout of your current one. This ensures a hassle-free experience, enabling you to seamlessly integrate our remote into your setup. Prioritizing this match assures that our remote will flawlessly sync with your entertainment system, preserving your familiarity with controls while offering enhanced functionalities. Order with confidence, knowing that the keys on our remote precisely align with your existing controller, promising a smooth and uninterrupted transition.

【 Compatibility with Lg Tv Remote 】This remote is compatible for following models AN-MR400 AN-MR500 AN-MR600 AN-MR650 AN-MR700 MR18BA MR19BA MR20GA MR21GA MR22GA of lg tv remote control
【 Compatible lg magic remote 】 This Infrared remote control suitable for all model of lg magic television which not required to pair between remote control and lg smart tv.
【 Quality Recommend 】The remote control is light and compact, easy to grasp and has more complete functions. It is a good choice for you to replace the old or damaged remote control
【 Quick Response】This is the updated infrared remote control for lg television. An outstanding response between lg tv and remote, it will respond quickly in 0.2 seconds, available directly use within 10 meters (32 feet).
【 Caution 】Don’t use old mix different batteries together If the remote control does not work during use, reinstall the new AAA alkaline battery Please replace the battery when the remote control is not sensitive (pack without battery)

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