Price: ₹1,999 - ₹1,199.00
(as of Jun 10, 2024 20:06:20 UTC – Details)

12V 6000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Ion (LFP) Battery Pack with Warranty for Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Applications like Spray Pump, Automobile Modification, Small Inverter etc. This is a high-performance Lithium Battery Pack rated for 12.8V 6Ah (6000 mAh). It is built using 32700 lithium LFePo cells in a 4S1P configuration. The pack is tested to provide 6Ah at 6A discharge and can be charged using a 5A 14V Lithium charger. It also has a built-in BMS which provides over-charge, over-discharge protections. Recommended Charger – Charging Time 12.8v 2A Li-ion Battery Charger – 3.5Hrs. 12.8v 3A Li-ion Battery charger – 2.5Hr. 12.8v 5A Lithium Battery Charger – 1.5Hrs. Specification Charging Voltage- 12.8V Charging Current- 3-5A Nominal Pack Voltage- 11.1V Max. Continous Discharge Current- 10A Max Discharge Current – 15A Applications: 12 volt battery for spray pump Small scale UPS Battery Battery for GPS Tracking – Vehicle Tracking – Asset Tracking Wifi Modem or Router Battery for backup 12V Remote CCTV Camera Battery Spray Pump for Garden and Disinfection PSP Industrial Machines Emergency Lights Robotics and RC cars Music Players and Audio Systems
Lithium Ferrous phosphate Battery
12.8v Nominal Voltage
6000mAh capacity
Flat battery

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