4S 20AMP 14.8V Li-ion Lithium 18650 Battery BMS PCM Protection PCB Board Module

Price: ₹549 - ₹185.00
(as of Jun 14, 2024 03:34:00 UTC – Details)

This protection board can not be used for lithium iron phosphate battery, xenon lamp, hand drill battery pack, electric fish battery pack, electric bicycle battery pack, baby car battery, 775 (4A) and above motor, 1W fisheye LED light! The power range described applies to the following products: low power inverters, massager battery packs, LED light backup power supplies, electronics, solar street light battery packs, monitoring backup power supplies, and other products. The protection board measures 35*35*3.0mm, and the components are S-8254AA protection chip and D403*4 pieces. In the use of the battery will be hot, the battery rate is not applicable, this situation can not be used for a long time, the battery will be damaged quickly. Note: For discharge products above 3A, the discharge rate of the battery should be more than 3C. (Magnification formula: 1C rate battery, 2000 capacity equals 2AH*1=2A upper limit working current. 3C rate battery, 2000 capacity equals 2AH*3=6A upper limit working current)
Charging voltage : DC 14.8V
Current consumption : 20A
Over charge detection voltage : 3.90V±0.25V
Over charge release voltage : 3.80V±0.05V
1 Over discharge detection voltage range : 2.0±0.08V

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